Friday, February 3, 2017

Introducing Caffeinated Motivation, January 31, 2017 - Bryan-David Scott, Ted Scott

Introducing Caffeinated Motivation

After years apart, my father and I recently reconnected. I've discovered that love is the most powerful force there is. I dedicate this episode to him.

Good morning world!

As most of you know by now, I've launched a new power podcast, CAFFEINATED MOTIVATION. You can pick it up on Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud, and YouTube under the name Caffeinated Motivation. This is a power podcast -- THE podcast to listen to for positive messages filled with encouragement, inspiration and motivation. A quad shot of helping you focus on your dreams, and all that you want to accomplish.
Caffeinated Motivation will be available every morning at 10, PST with occasional special segments that may or may not be announced.

A few special shout outs this morning! Rob Greenlee and my team at Spreaker - THANK YOU for creating the single greatest podcast and broadcasting platform in the world. You make it easy for people to produce their own podcast. You offer expert help so people can grow their audience to be as small as big as they want their show to be. You guys rock!
Alma and Joe of the ever amazing -- for the best in news, reviews, recommendations for all things food, beverage, and hospitality throughout Napa-Sonoma and all destination places, is the best place to go.

To my family, friends, fans and sponsors … THANK YOU for believing in me. Thank you for standing with me, for your support, and encouragement. I love what I do and consider it a privilege to serve.

From the Bryan-David Scott studios in Sonoma, CA this is me raising a cup of luxury to you in celebration of life, family, friends and success! I'm out!

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