Friday, February 3, 2017

Caffeinated Motivation, February 1, 2017 -- The Rock and William Hollis


Good morning! This is Bryan-David Scott, The Coffee Chef. Welcome to my power podcast, Caffeinated Motivation!

Here we are. Wednesday morning, February 1, 2017. One of my favorite people is Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. Last night I was hanging out with my kids. Usually in the evenings we sit together, we might have tea or decaf coffee before bed; I might read, but most times we make each other laugh. We find videos, memes, quotes, and inspirational pieces. I heard The Rock say something that made me smile, then laugh. 

"When you walk up to opportunities door - don't knock it.. kick that bitch in, smile and introduce yourself." Love it!

Today's motivational message is from my friends at TEAM FEARLESS and my brother, my friend … William Hollis.


Today's message was brought to you by Whole Foods, America's Healthiest Grocery Store.
From the Bryan-David Scott studios in Sonoma, CA this is me raising a cup of luxury to you in celebration of life, family, friends and success! I'm out!

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