Thursday, January 26, 2017

Caffeinated Motivation, january 26, 2017 -- Sylvester Stallone, Rocky Balboa

 Good evening everybody! This is Bryan-David Scott, the Coffee Chef, welcome to my power podcast, Caffeinated Motivation.

Thursday night, January 26, 2017. 

Tonight, we are going to listen to a sound clip -- one of the most epic sound clips of all time.

I grew up in the East Bay of San Francisco. By age 13, I had become a champion boxer. My idols growing up were champion fighters. One, although fictional, meant the world to me. I related with him. Sylvester Stallone's beloved character Rocky. Rocky knew what it was like to have his back against the wall and fight like hell to get out. He could take the hits. When he was knocked down …. he got up. He loved his wife and kid. He showed them great love and respect. In the ring and life, Rocky fought with great passion.
He was a man of the people. Rocky was defeated, but in a comeback match against the world champion, after grueling rounds of getting battered, both fighters fell to the canvass. Rocky stood up and the fight was over. He had become the next world champion. This is that epic moment:


He had done what the world said could not be done.

Thank you for tuning in today. Join us tomorrow for another shot of caffeinated motivation. This is Bryan-David Scott, The Coffee Chef, celebrating life, family, friends and success. I'm out.
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