Monday, January 23, 2017

Caffeinated Motivation, January 23, 2017 KAT COLE

Good afternoon everybody! This is Bryan-David Scott, the Coffee Chef, welcome to the luxury coffee café.

Here we are. Monday afternoon, January 23, 2017. Today's motivational message is from one of the most powerful, influential women in the United States, my friend Kat Cole. Katrina "Kat" Cole is an American businesswoman. She currently is the Group President of Focus Brands and Chief Operations Officer of its subsidiary Cinnabon, the well known American chain of retail bakeries specializing in cinnamon buns. Regarding success … Kat has this to say:

"Success is mostly driven by how badly you want something and how well you partner with other great people. It has to do with how hungry you are."

Thank you, Kat. I admire you, respect you, and appreciate you.



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