Saturday, October 29, 2016

Walking Again and Healed!

My name is Bryan-David Scott. I have the honor of serving as an American Celebrity Coffee Chef and Luxury Coffee Specialist, model, actor, radio, TV, and film talent. This blog is dedicated to my fans, sponsors, partners, and luxury coffee education.

I am a passionate family man, brand ambassador, coach. champion for military/vets, police, fire & kids. I serve as Director of R&D and Chef de cuisine for my business, Bryan-David Scott, where I create unique, memorable private dining experiences and private coffee tastings.

Infusing luxury coffee and various forms of alcohol into my creations has garnered me international acclaim. Blending a passion for American cuisine I create fusion dishes including Mediterranean, French, Indian, Asian, and Middle Eastern.

I serve as a Celebrity Chef Ambassador for iconic brands such as KitchenAid Commercial, Dioo Audio, Naked Infusions, American Juice Company, Gunter Wilhelm, Microplane, Chef Works, Bear Republic Brewing, Somrus and

Supporting small, local businesses is important to me. Every week I will be highlighting local brands that I serve as an ambassador for. Today, I am proud to share with you Dr. Robert Adams, the man that helped me learn to walk again.

In 2011 I experienced a spinal cord fracture. Fortunately, I was not paralyzed, but I was not the same. I am a former champion boxer, baseball player, and body builder. I couldn't do many of the things I used to, including rough play with my kids. I knew there was a solution somewhere out there, but it was always elusive.
Fast forward to 2016. While teaching my two younger sons how to drive, I met Dr. Robert Adams. I told him what happened to me, and that I was experiencing chronic pain. He invited me to his office. Two days later, I was reviewing my X-rays with him. He said he could see where the hairline fracture of my spine was, and as a former boxer my neck had sustained a fair amount of trauma, but all of it could be worked out over time.
After treatment 1, I was moving my neck, hips, and legs with little to no pain (for a day). 

After treatment 2 later that week, I was pain free in my neck, hips, legs, and lower back.

After treatment 3 the following week, I left pain free. For the first time since I was a kid there was no pain my body.

I am grateful to Doc Adams and his amazing staff. They epitomize genuine, friendly and kind local service. Because of Doc Adams I have been able to begin training again, remain pain free, and feeling the greatest I have in years.